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Have You Tried Google Wave?

I’ve been toying around with Google Wave for a month or so now and I have to say that while it’s not exactly the answer to all of my troubles, it’s definitely an interesting attempt at re-inventing the way we communicate within a group. With the Notifier for Firefox installed, I’ve found that it’s become a pretty good way to keep up with a group of friends all at once. While Facebook allows for one-off catch-up sessions, Wave allows for less linear chatter which I think is well-suited for informal communication.

My Google Wave inbox

Have you gotten your Google Wave invite yet? What do you think of it? What are you using it for?

And if you haven’t gotten your Wave invite yet, I have 17 invites left. Leave a comment here with your email address and I’ll add you to the invite list. They sometimes take a few days to go through. Once you’ve taken it out for a spin, I’d love to hear your impressions!

Google Wave Notifier for Firefox

Of my many peeves with Google Wave so far, the absence of a notifier is high on the list. If I need to keep a site running in a browser window just to keep on top of what’s going on, I’m probably going to close the window and forget about it for a few weeks. Google Wave has fallen victim to that habit and many a Wave has come and gone before I even remembered to check it. I’ve missed out on entire conversations between friends because I closed the browser window accidentally and didn’t realize it for 5 days.

Browsing through Lifehacker today I found the Google Wave Notifier for Firefox. If you use Google Wave at all I think you’ll really appreciate this add-on. Believe me, once you get a critical mass of friends using Google Wave (which I do thanks to the all of the invites Google gave us to send out and the general nerdiness of my friends!) it’s definitely a must-have.

That said, there’s still a LOT that needs to be fixed with Google Wave before I consider it a service-I-can’t-imagine-the-world-without (see Google Docs, Twitter), but for now I think baby steps in the right direction are helpful. Now if only Google itself would develop a notifier (perhaps connected to my existing Google Notifier) and release some sort of instruction manual for how to use the darned Wave thing…
But like I said – baby steps.