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Google Wave Notifier for Firefox

Of my many peeves with Google Wave so far, the absence of a notifier is high on the list. If I need to keep a site running in a browser window just to keep on top of what’s going on, I’m probably going to close the window and forget about it for a few weeks. Google Wave has fallen victim to that habit and many a Wave has come and gone before I even remembered to check it. I’ve missed out on entire conversations between friends because I closed the browser window accidentally and didn’t realize it for 5 days.

Browsing through Lifehacker today I found the Google Wave Notifier for Firefox. If you use Google Wave at all I think you’ll really appreciate this add-on. Believe me, once you get a critical mass of friends using Google Wave (which I do thanks to the all of the invites Google gave us to send out and the general nerdiness of my friends!) it’s definitely a must-have.

That said, there’s still a LOT that needs to be fixed with Google Wave before I consider it a service-I-can’t-imagine-the-world-without (see Google Docs, Twitter), but for now I think baby steps in the right direction are helpful. Now if only Google itself would develop a notifier (perhaps connected to my existing Google Notifier) and release some sort of instruction manual for how to use the darned Wave thing…
But like I said – baby steps.